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jam recipes by Steven Ripple

posted on 11/17/2010 "A friend gives me quinces every year from her families tree. They are one of those forgotten fruits. I think they are not popular because they are inedible raw. But they are very fragrant, and delicious. They are great in sweet and savory dishes both. They also make great potpourri additions or put into a decorative fruit display add a wonderful aroma to the air. They smell of apples and pineapples, and apple blossoms. This is one I made up from a basic quince jam recipe. Very few ingredients. Could be made without Habaneros - but the combination is really great."
posted on 10/18/2011 "I made this one up pretty much entirely. It's pretty good stuff. Feel free to use more sugar, citric acid, or vinegar as you see fit. Other melons or peppers could also work. Don't skip the acids or sugars or it will not thicken and could even be dangerous and prone to spoilage."
posted on 11/06/2011 "Tips: You can use any melon (not watermelon) for this. This is great used like jam. But since I don't like toast, I use it as a dessert or accompaniment to a meal. It's a quick addition to a cheese plate. It can be a filling for crepes or pastries too. It could be used as a basis of a relish or chutney too."