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pickle recipes by Steven Ripple

posted on 09/12/2009 "Bhindi ka achaar - Indian Okra Pickle. I adapted this recipe into USA pickling methods - and substituted the water and vinegar for lemon juice (which is not as easy to obtain)"
posted on 11/17/2009 "Comments: Wait at least a few days, but it's best after a couple weeks. Great with meats and cheeses. This is my version of an old German recipe. The old recipe simply puts the cooked ingredients in a crock and there you go. It also says to remove the spices - but I like to see them in the syrup in the jar. This has become a favorite - and it's really a beautiful jar on the shelf."
posted on 12/16/2009 "This is my own recipe, with techniques gathered from other recipes to assure good flavor and texture. I used medium eggs so the pickling liquid would more quickly penetrate. They sell them in this quantity (2 1/2 dozen). They nearly perfectly fit into 4 pints, and did fit into a 1/2 gallon container completely (but I decided this was too big for my purposes) I had 3 extra eggs and these fit into a half pint (but this will vary), one egg fell apart in peeling also."
posted on 09/02/2010 "An old fashioned catsup recipe. Very nice with everything you eat with catsup - but even more as it has much more flavor. Tips I did make this a long time ago and thought it was really good. Don't remember straining it? I might just put the spices in cheese cloth and blend the green tomatoes and onions before cooking... I might try this and put it through my Victorio strainer to remove peels and seeds to achieve a really smooth catsup."
posted on 10/02/2010 "Had un-ripened melon, and thought I'd make this. I like the early tastings, but it'll likely improve with age. The more ripe the melon, the less cooking time."
posted on 10/04/2010 "My mustard pickles. Never made before, but like others I've tasted. Initial tastings are positive. Mustard and horseradish are allowed to bloom - to bring out hot oils. Also they are not allowed to boil to preserve it's character as well. Fairly spicy."